stablished in 2006 and recently reorganized as a non-profit 501(c)3, the mission at West Valley Counseling Center is to provide high-quality, affordable therapy and family counseling in a comfortable, private practice setting. Our qualified therapists work with individuals, relationships, traditional families, and non-traditional families to help ease life's burdens and to provide specialty services, such as marriage counseling, child custody mediation, and parenting education.
West Valley Counseling Center is supported by client fees, fundraising activities, and direct donations. Visit our How We Help page to learn more about our services, see our Blog to see what we have been up to, and stay tuned for our upcoming Calendar to see what activities we have planned! Contact our Center to learn about donating. Donations can be made through the "Donations" button below, and all contributions are tax deductible.
Psychotherapy Services

Our qualified therapists work with you to help ease the burdens associated with issues that can negatively affect your life

Family Counseling

We help to treat any family issue by enhancing the relationship between the members. We also offer parenting education.

Addiction Recovery

WVCC offers client and family focused mental health care in conjunction with the aftercare process of addiction recovery.

Educational Sessions

You can count on WVCC to obtain helpful education on topics such as Parenting, Social Skills, Gay & Lesbian, Special Needs Child.

Is Winter Wearing You Down?

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The Importance of Hobbies and Extracurricular Activities for Adolescents

Hobbies are one of the greatest pleasures in life, but hobbies can often be overlooked in adolescence. As a parent, mentor, or guardian, one of the most positive things you can do for an adolescent is encourage extracurricular activities ...Read More
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